House Plan 2016 at Browder Sister's cd release event

A simple tent/shelter/house inspired by one of Browder Sister's songs He's Got a Plan. Viewers were welcome to enter. Inside the only thing they found were dozens of pockets, each filled with clips of lyrics from He's Got a Plan, made into a sticker which they could take. Like a house, there's comfort in knowing He, our Creator/Sustainer, has a plan when life can seem daunting or empty...but like this space, we have to enter in and seek to find that out. Even when we do we may only see a piece of that plan. He often only reveals some of His plan, just the part we need to see, nothing else. House Plan is a space where the art surrounds you. It's experiential, requires one's body to be present, to touch, to seek, be curious & take what is offered to adhere to their own life.