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I am always drawn to the ideas and objects of the home. Something about the home is fragile and fleeting but deeply foundational and essential. I am interested in the objects and spaces themselves, but also the routine, comfort, and stability they represent to us. We can feel this through a familiar towel hung above the sink, the grooves in a countertop, or the smell of certain foods.  Feeling comfort through familiarity and routine over years of engaging in specific activities is a universal human experience.  We find comfort in their dependability. We have an innate desire for belonging and place, essentially for home, and home that will last. In some sense when we leave home or it leaves us, we are merely in search of another home. Yet even the homes we create here on earth do not last in both physicality and sentimentality.  This is a fascinating conflict, that we seek the comfort of consistency but deal with the inevitability of change.  It’s through the altering of familiar objects and spaces that I’m able to begin making sense of this.

My works offer a time and place to relearn our relationship with the mundane. As a formality, I’m re-contextualizing familiar objects, entities and pieces of life in such a way so as to render no new entity except for our experience and understanding of such entities, thus creating a new thing. Perhaps in doing so we may learn how to practice re-contextualizing other things; other more complex and more important things.

Curator Magazine article about Graft Art

Uncomfortably Comfortable, video performance at Vermont Studio Center, VT 2015.

Decision Threads is a video performance for Spark and Echo Arts 2015. It takes elements from Exodus 28 which lays out the colors of thread used for garments for the priest Aaron, who was the decision maker for the Israelites. Statement for Spark and Echo Arts (scroll to bottom).