Added on by Melissa Beck.

So I have a confession to make.  I haven’t done a layer every single day.  I didn’t intend to let this happen, but it did.  Back in October there was a morning I woke up and with a gasp realized I did not do a layer the day before.  I skipped a day and there was no way to make it up, that day had passed.  I was terribly disappointed in myself, but I got over it quickly.  I knew that this was part of the challenge.  I wasn’t about to scrap the whole thing because I failed once…actually twice, the exact same thing happened about a week later.  When I first thought of the idea, I thought “can I really keep this up every single day for 300 days?!? That is a lot of repetition, remembering, and dedication.  What if I get bored with the process?  What if others who learn about it just see it as a ridiculous thing that isn’t challenging at all because the process takes all of but five minutes to complete and really in the end what do I have to show for but a cup with a lot of thick paint on it?  Mistakes and failures are inevitable.  I do them.  Yes I am responsible and they are not good.  However, it’s far easier to keep going when we have been perfect, but when we have setbacks or mess up, it takes more courage and persistence to figure out how to keep going.  I decided to keep going with this because I realized that the challenge I gave myself was not just to see if I could do it, but about the journey itself and the days I missed, whatever I was doing that made me forget, and the fact that there will not be exactly 300 layers in the end is all part of the journey.