snow and sand

Added on by Melissa Beck.

In the dead of winter, I went to Florida with a friend for a few days.  We planned the trip very last minute, but longed to go months before winter.  All my California friends kept asking why we were going there, but all my New York friends just responded with longings of doing the same.  Before I moved to New York, I hadn’t ever lived somewhere that saw bitter cold winters.  After experiencing winters like these, a strong new desire was birthed in me to get my body to a place where I could be outside in minimal clothing.  The desire felt necessary, essential, and made perfect sense.  This trip completely satiated my desire. In my carry-on bag came the cup and spoon.  It was coated everyday, reminding me of when I began this project, the time and life I’ve lived since then, and the unexpected places it has gone during this journey.