nothings becoming a real something

Added on by Melissa Beck.

Today, June 3rd is Day 242...I wrote this almost 4 months ago...still carries some weight

2/13/14 (Day 132)

As I was coating a layer last night, I felt the weight of this thing.  It is getting heavy.  I have to hold it tighter, employ slightly more muscle to handle the object, stretch my hand wider to hold it.  From day one, it has slowly grown. It’s been the same object this whole time, but it’s actually not the same object.  The initial object was like trite, petty, scanty. Like rubbish that is a feather, lightweight, hardly there, of little importance. When I recall what it looked like and felt like to hold it in the beginning, there is a huge gap between that object and this one. Its presence is so much more now.  It can’t be tossed out now as an empty frozen yogurt cup and spoon should be… the over and over again process of it is like a lot of nothings becoming a real something.  And the only reason it has transitioned is because of time and repetition…essentially what has been done to the object.  It is no longer what it once was, and not by any effort of its own.  None of this came about by no effort or mere happenstance.  It’s like building or cultivating something, the choice to make something from nothing.  That choice is key.  Steady work, even work with no passion, mundane but faithful tasking amounts to something.  It couldn't be foreseen, it just had to be done.  It didn’t ask to be made.  It simply is, and then an external force creates the idea to be made to the object.

image taken June 3rd, Day 242