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At some point I began to think about the 300th day and just how this process would end. I think as I was painting it one night I got the idea to exhibit it during the final days. Ha! What an idea, this trite little thing I thought meant nothing, now I want in an art exhibition?!? It’s interesting how desires change. But I didn’t think it would happen. Where would I exhibit it? Everything else I’ve applied to as far as art endeavors didn’t work out. Discouraged, but desperately longing to exhibit this project, and it had to be during its last days.

The project has moved from something I began on a whim to something quite integrated with my life, routine and simple, but meaningful and unexpected. It has surprised me how intriguing it is to those I share it with. What seemed like the most insignificant artwork I've done has become one of the most profound. I don’t recall how I found it, but Soho20 gallery's open call for their show Under Construction fit very well in the theme of the show and the show dates…so I applied. To my surprise I was accepted. Besides a few emails I sent to people, it was the only thing I applied to for this project.

On July 22, 2014 the project will move from my bathroom to the gallery and for the final ten days of the project I will be painting a layer on the cup and spoon everyday in this public gallery setting. The process will stay the same, the object will steadily grow as it has, but the discussion, those who are part of its story, and what experiences this object holds will shift, deepen, and further form what my life will look like after these 300 days.

Day 273 Brooklyn apartment backyard

Day 273 Brooklyn apartment backyard